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OMA Emirates' Value Added Services

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OMA Emirates' Value Added Services

Our new generation of E-Wallet Solution's support all common sets of protocols for entering information into online forms and POS terminals agreed upon by all major players in the industry. It works with all web-security software as well as all POS terminals and enables E-Wallets to automatically extract customer information into payment forms of participating merchants. Our E-Wallet is stored in servers controlled by the bank or other service providers whose software manages the exchange of information with merchants' websites and can stand alone or be integrated with existing financial products and networks. E-Wallet enables money transfers for wallet holders, online payments, invoice issuance and account management in a highly secure environment. The application also supports multiple global currencies, various commission management structures and distributor functionality, client management and access portals.


OMA Emirates' Value Added Services

Our E-Voucher system is a comprehensive solution targeting the distribution of value-added electronic payment solutions for multi-channel prepaid services creating and managing electronic vouchers for services such as telephone, internet, transportation, events, etc. The E-Voucher can be printed via POS systems in online or offline mode and are securely stored in encrypted format to be printed upon demand. In addition to the E-Voucher code, providers may opt to print other information on the E-vouchers such as service provider information, user instructions, product barcode, usage terms and conditions as well as marketing and advertising material.

The E-Voucher system supports Ingenico hardware and has been developed with the latest encryption/decryption technology, a flexible database and a web-friendly interface with powerful tools to efficiently and effectively manage providers' business and distribution networks. The user-friendly web-based server is equipped with cutting-edge management tools to control, configure and supervise distribution of services at all levels and offer users the ability to view reports and maintain data. The structure comprises of a three-tier architecture providing present authorization and system control levels.


The system is divided into six distinct modules or products:

  • E-Voucher - Delivered with a PIN used to top up airtime or activate a service
  • E-TopUp - Direct top up or product activation with integration to vendor
  • E-Payment - Enables payments of bills (for postpaid service)or product orders
  • E-Card - Virtually stored value card such as cash, gift or loyalty cards or accounts
  • M-Transfer - Enables value transfer between mobile phone accounts
  • M-Buy - Enables small purchases using mobile phone

Each of these products allows customers to handle various transactions like airtime topup, ticket sale, lottery sale etc. through different channels including:

  • Mobile phone
  • POS terminal
  • EPOS
  • Kiosk
  • Internet
  • ATM's


OMA Emirates' Value Added Services

Asset Management System provides technological solutions to Asset Managers so that they can create flexible investment relations to their clients. This solution will turn data into insight, ensures compliance and operate with scale.


  • Cost Effective
  • User Friendly
  • Accurate client and fund reports
  • Operational Efficient and Elimination of Errors
  • Management between front office and back office functions
  • Easily Responsive

The Asset Management System helps in avoiding audit related fines and penalties, unnecessary purchases and overspending. With this solution, clients are provided with a modern user experience to view their current assets, request new assets and services, collaborate with other users and resolve issues in a single place. Hence it is a box of information and tools to optimize performance and maximize the return of investment.


OMA Emirates' Value Added Services

OMA Emirates' BI and Analytics platform are able to fulfill a broad set of BI requirements within the organization. It analyses the business on a variety of criteria, from portfolio capabilities, sales and marketing strategy, financial performance, product strategy, geographical coverage, organizational strength and customer feedback. OMA Emirates' BI will help the end user to improve and optimize decisions and performance.


OMA Emirates' Value Added Services

BB Payment Gateway enables merchants to accept mobile and online payments, facilitated with customizable payment checkout, sophisticated payment API, recurring payment management and the three-tier defense strategy to identify fraudulent activity and high level MIS.


OMA Emirates' Value Added Services

Bill Payment Solution is a platform for easy bill payment that promises your customers a hassle free experience. This is a desirable alternative to cash and online payments, placing more emphasis on customer convenience and transaction security. This payment platform can be integrated to the POS, kiosks, online websites, ATMS and any other payment channels.


OMA Emirates' Value Added Services

OMA Emirates Call Center Solution is a products that solve the specific need for customer relationship management. This module has the queue management system, real time monitoring system, complaint management system, escalation management system, dual customer interaction module, backend integration module, intra voice response system and the SLA management system.


OMA Emirates' Value Added Services

OMA Emirates sophisticated SMS and Email campaign management solution allowing the end user to organize complex marketing campaigns with ease. Our large-scale infrastructure and backend system ensures fast delivery at the best delivery rates. Using the solution the user can manage your SMS and Email marketing on the same platform. Create integrated, cross-channel campaigns with personalized, rich-content.


OMA Emirates' Value Added Services

OMA Emirates WPS solution is a payroll solution to improve the salary disbursement process, in compliance with the directives of the Ministry of Labour. OMA Emirates provides a secure and convenient salary disbursement solution for all business. It facilitates timely and easy salary withdrawal for workers and employees without any hidden costs or charges. Besides, workers can leverage a wide range of exceptional services including worldwide money transfers, credit cards & bill payments and many more, all under one roof.


OMA Emirates' Value Added Services

OMA Emirates' E-Remittance is a comprehensive solution with advanced integration engine that allows seamless connectivity with agents and banks for managing the remittance operations at the branch level. The product has an interface with SWIFT and can be integrated with E-Trade, enabling customers to send and receive remittances within the country and overseas. E-Remittance gives you the cutting edge technology needed to serve customers in the best possible manner, while simultaneously ensuring that the front office operations are efficient. It has the following modules such as Processing Management, Disbursement Management, Booking Management and High-End Security module.


OMA Emirates' Value Added Services

OMA Emirates student attendance and tracking management system is a powerful program, able to check students in and out with no more than a click. This software can even keep track of tardies, allowing teachers to know if specific students are frequently late to class. Students can be tracked on their every moment, right from entering the school bus until they exit. This is especially useful in case of an emergency to know exactly who needs to be accounted for quickly. The solution can be integrated with biometric, NFC and RFID readers.